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August 20th Sunday

HOSTED BY City Cakes
Inspired from Barbie  Doll
AUGUST 20th (Sunday) 

( Spots are limited )
(The time may be extended depending on the progress of the class)
$415.00 USD

Tools & Materials are provided
To Access Instructional Full Video!!! 

Miss Fashionista inspired from Barbie Doll

 ( Photos Displays Different Figure Option Examples. You can customize Skin Tone, Hair Color, Outfit etc ) 

This class will be intensive as I will be teaching 2 days worth of material in one day. With that stated, please e aware that some detailing may need to be added by you at your home.  However, we will definitely be covering all the important aspects of Figure Structure, Realistic face, body proportion, dress arrangement, Hair Styling and so on. 

This Sugar Figure will be presented in my style and the instruction may feel difficult in the moment but you will learn tons of unique techniques!

We will start 9am and hopefully finish by 6pm so the class may extend over time depending on the class progress. 

( my goal at the end of the day is taking pictures with all Figures with all of our big smiles ) 

If you are not finish in time, don't worry, I will try to help you and also you will get Step x Step Photo Instructions to go with you. 

( Lunch is not included. ) 


Please contact me about booking your spot in this class via E-mail and I will respond to you with information regarding the payment invoice, etc.

Please include your name and some of your information about your skill level ( Professional /  Intermediate /  Beginner, etc.)   And I will get back to you within 24 hours.


Thank you so much. 


This workshop is open to ALL SKILL LEVELS from Beginner to Professional.  All Tools and Materials will be provided, as well as a Detailed Instruction Booklet.   

In the event that registration for this class is below reasonable expectations, class will be canceled and money will be refunded.

If you need to withdraw from the class, please contact me. You will receive a Full Refund if you cancel before August 10th 2023. You may also considering contacting one of your friends to attend in your spot. 

If you withdraw from the class between August 10th - August 18th, you will receive a 50% Refund. 

Before August 10th :  100% Refund 

August 11th to August 18th :  50% Refund 

August 19th, August 20th : No Refund 


155 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

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