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This workshop is open to ALL SKILL LEVELS from Beginner to Professional.  And your personal preferences with the figures are welcome.  All Tools and Materials will be provided, as well as a Detailed Instruction Booklet. 

Photos Display Different Figure Option Examples. ( You can change Hair color, Skin Tone, Outfit etc. ) 



Learn a wide of variety of fun, unique and time saving Fondant Techniques, including Body Structure, Facial Expression, Lifelike Eyes as well as many fresh approaches to UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY!  ... All Techniques are easily transferable to your future fondant creations.


Class duration: 8 to 9 hours

( depending on the topper figure’s theme )

Private Workshops include Lunch, Snacks, Tea and/or Coffee.

All Tools & Materials are included. 


To schedule a private workshop, please just email us what your good days and dates are and we will compared that with the schedule and work out a good workshop appointment day. 

- 1 Day Private Workshop Fee :  $800

- 2 Days Private Workshop Fee : $1500

- Private Class 2 to 4 Participants ( $750 each )

- Fee Payable via Paypal or Vemmo or Check

- Installment Plan Payment Option Available

- You will create ONE Figure

- You can pic the subject from the examples below or just let me know what figure you would like to create.

Topics covered include figure structure, Facial features, many tips

Photos Below Display Different Option Examples.

Your personal preferences are welcome.

( To request different Figure Topic, please just email me!  )

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