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Updated: Apr 5

These are some of my recommended On Demand Tutorials

The main video hosting platform for these Tutorials is Vimeo


Happy St.Patrick’s Day!!! In celebration of this wonderful day, I've created 3 Cute Dancer’s Tutorial ( 5 videos) plus Bunny Tutorial ( 1 Bonus Video ) the perfect centerpiece to your Cake!

In this fun tutorial, you will be provided with all the easy steps in the creation of these Charming and Fun Irish Dancer Toppers, including how to make Cute Faces and well as their traditional outfits.

As with all my tutorials, you will find that you will be able to apply the skills you learn here to all your future projects - Ballerina style option included is as included!

This Course is geared towards Beginners and Intermediate Level Cakers, but of course ALL Skill Levels are Welcome! This is a great project to work on with your children and get the whole family into the St. Patrick’s Day Spirit!

If you would like a solid tutorial to learn all the basics for making Realistic Looking Standing Figures, I highly recommend

"REALISTIC DOLL FIGURE". This 2020 video includes ALL MY SECRETS!!


Everything is Here! - Internal Structure, Detailed Facial Feature , Outfits, Hair styling etc. There is also a VIP section for this video at my website that you can access with a code that is included with the video.

If you need a tutorial that is more focused on Facial Features, there's "FACIAL FEATURES" (2020 version)


In the course of the video, I show you all the steps to creating both a Woman's and a Man's Face, as well as a Cute Baby Face.

Here are a couple of very friendly and unique characters from another planet.

These guys are so fun to make and a cute way to bring out the smiles when presented on your Cupcakes or on your Cake. They can be made without any internal support skewers or toothpicks and are completely edible.



The main video hosting platform for these Tutorials is Vimeo



These videos are Completely Homemade and in a "D.I.Y." style,
 they are NOT a "Hollywood Production"...
However, I am confident that you will enjoy them and learn many terrific skills. Be sure to log into your Vimeo account when purchasing and accessing the tutorials [ Please create a Vimeo Account before purchasing the tutorials if you do not have one already ]… When you are logged into your Vimeo account, accessing the tutorials is much easier and also you will be able to access the tutorials on your other devices when you are logged into Vimeo on those devices. Also, please save your Vimeo Receipt [and be sure to note down your Vimeo Login Password for yourself ]



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