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Utah Workshops 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Thank you so much for attending my workshop at Baker's C&C!!!

Special thanks to Kim & Emerlie for inviting me and getting the word out!!!

Thank you for your patience and cooperation with the Covid situation, I am really proud of how we all safely managed it. I look forward to return to Bakers C&C next year when things are more back to normal!!!

I posted all the photos from the workshops on my Instagram & Twitter ( @mimicafeunion ) as well as some extra photos on my Facebook Page ( @mimicafe Union / Album "Utah Workshop 2021" ) Please feel free to grab your photos and/or share them on your Social media etc!!! I hope you enjoyed the workshops as much I did!!! Thanks again!!!

Day 1 Kawaii Harry & Big Eyed Alien (4/30)

Day 2 Miss Fashionista (5/1)

Day 3 Japanese Princess & Animal Donut (5/2)

Day 4 Miss Fashionista (5/3)

Day 5 Miss Fashionista (5/4)

Thank you!!! See you next year!!! Sachiko

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