My Basic Approach

Updated: Aug 23, 2021


My Basic Approach

In this video, I would like to tell you about my Basic Approach before starting a project. This is how I prepare my materials and my workspace in order to be best positioned to explore new and unique fondant modeling techniques. It's all part of the process of making fun and informative tutorials!

Spanish version ( Click this link )

Japanese version ( Click this link )


Equipment and Tools

The equipment and tools shown below are easy to find at a craft store or online. If there are certain items you don’t have, go ahead and find something in your kitchen or toolbox, I’m completely in favor of improvisation!

If you are interested in these items, please check it out my Amazon page. Please note the Dresden Tool & Yellow Flat Tool are not exactly the same as what I use, but I was able to find similar items.

Mostly I use these for my Creation