Isomalt Mold Collection

Fantastic New Collaboration with SIMI CAKES & CONFECTIONS!!!

It's a Dream Come True for me to work with Sidney, Michelle and Mike from SIMI CAKES & CONFECTIONS on this Special Project in which we combine Molded Isomalt Items with my Fondant Figures! SIMI CAKES created these amazing molds and provided me with safety instructions on how to handle the Hot Isomalt. It's so fun for me to be working in this new medium!

Below, you can see how Miss Fashionista enjoys her wine from an Isomalt Glass!

With this mold, the isomalt comes out in the shape of a bottle... but actually, you can turn the bottle upside down, add a

small disc base and Voilà, you've created

a miniature Wine Glass!!!

Simi Cake & Confections has also just released an air brush color series,

"Simi Color Splash" perfect for airbrushing onto Isomalt...

It's really exciting for me to learn how to work with these materials which are new to me. Usually I am always working with Fondant & Modeling Paste, so this experience has been a real eyeopener, as well as a new source of inspiration.

Sidney, Michelle and Mike are so helpful and have many great instructional videos.

They also broadcast tons of fun instructional content on Facebook, it's really amazing!!!