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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Hi everyone, this is Sachiko.... you may know me but please allow me to quickly introduce myself again.

I am a Cake Topper Creator specializing in Figure Models that are perfect to save as keepsakes. I live in Santa Monica just outside of Los Angeles with my husband and our cat, Quincy. We moved here from New York 2018 for a change of pace and now we miss NYC (!) so we might return there soon!! I am originally from a small city in the Ishikawa Prefecture which is on the West Coast of Japan.

I do not consider my background to be special. As a child, I was fascinated by Manga comics and was always trying to learn how to draw in that style, but I also wanted to draw and create new things. I think from a young age, I have had the philosophy that Life is Change and so I try to live my life by seeing life as a moving stream of water; Enjoy every moment and keep moving forward...I also bring this attitude with me when I work on my figures; my figures are always in a state of change with me altering things again and again as I want to keep learning and trying new approaches. And I always try to remember to keep a positive attitude while striving to create figures and projects that make people happy.

Anyway, I am finally getting around to figuring out the this section of my website. I will be posting content about my Figure Modeling, as well as including info about my On Demand Tutorials, and upcoming class info etc.

Via this page, I am hoping to better communicate with you!

I will respond to your comments - but please forgive me if my response is somethings a little bit late, but I will response for sure!! And I will be sending out blog update notification emails, so if you interested, please sign up via this subscription link

Alright, talk to you soon!!











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