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A World Apart -Naoki Hattori Collaboration-

A World Apart - Naoto_hattori by amazing Cake & Cookie Artists!!!

Please visit this FB page, you will love all amazing master pieces!!!

Special thanks to Ana Mourinho Remigio for inviting and so happy to be a part of this collaboration. And I am so grateful for connecting with one of amazing Japanese Artist ( haha, I’m Japanese ) well, his art is 2D, and how it was difficult for capturing 3D style. Tried to make exactly same but it’s not possible but my Quincy was seeing my piece and he thought he was a real cat anyway I have to shout out… congratulations to all cake artists for their amazing works!!

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I picked a Cat with a Big Eye, because he looked like my Quincy!!

It was pretty difficult for making this, especially Eye.....

I painted with Wafer Paper and attached Isomalt. Then, I was not right, I attached Shortening for protecting surface but seemed not clear.... I didn't have Torch but.....

I used a Match but burned some parts and.... lol

Anyway there some idiot story by my self but I am so happy to see final details.

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